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About Us

The mission of Heritage International School  (HIS) is to give quality education in a nurturing and safe environment. Some families would send their children to other countries to receive a quality education. We wanted to support the students to achieve the same quality as well as focus on social and emotional welfare, and life skills while staying in Cambodia. Our students develop strong educational foundations so that they can succeed as they move on through HIS until sixth grade and then to other schools.  An education that gives the student the tools to help them achieve their goals.

We chose the name Heritage because the children are Cambodia’s treasure or inheritance, future adults who love their nation and people. To see one another as equal because we are all human. Our goal is to help future Cambodian leaders become good global citizens, and good neighbors. To always love, honor, and obey their parents and families. To have a brighter future so they can give back to the country. Through education, Heritage International School strives to support the future of Cambodia.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another!”

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Heritage International School is recognized by the Ministry Of Education in Cambodia. Most of the Cambodian staff work during the day and attend university at night. The Head Teachers are from other countries, and teach alongside the Cambodians.



Providing children with a code of conduct and a set of values gives them a basis for acting and making decision as they grow older.

Support & Lesson

When children are well cared for physically, supported emotionally, and taught positive social skills and values. These children are not simply better able to adapt to society, but they also make society better.